Monday, January 28, 2013

Coming Out as a Form of Activism

Make sure to check out my first post on terms and definitions so you know what I'm talking about!
Many roads of activism exist, between starting a city-wide petition, rallying, educating, rioting in the streets – you know. The basics. But I’ve recently begun to realize that, for LGBT individuals (and anyone else in an invisible minority), there is one imperative route of activism that is often overlooked: coming out. I, personally, am a trans* woman, so my coming out story of activism aligns with that identity.

The Official-ish Blog Dictionary

I tend to use vocabulary in my writing that may not be very accessible to the average reader.  Mostly because it's...y'know...made up.  Focusing on queer activism, we have a LOT of words that we, as a community, have generated and started using among ourselves.  In case you ever see a term that you've never seen before and your dictionary's only response is "lol wut?", this sheet should suffice in helping you!  I'm filling it with all the words that either a) people aren't often familiar with or b) have complicated or varying definitions, even within the community.